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5 Dead Simple Marketing Tips to Double the Revenue of Your VRBO

In most circles, the phrases “PR” and “Marketing” are often treated like dirty words. However, as a savvy vacation rental entrepreneur, you know that marketing is a critical component of your property’s success. Unfortunately, knowing that marketing is essential and knowing how to execute it effectively are two wildly different things.

7 Quick Tips to Keep You, Your Guests, and Your Rental Property Safe

Growing up, you were probably told (as I was) to "Never talk to strangers". 

However, in the world of vacation rentals, not only do you HAVE to talk to strangers, but strangers will be your #1 source of revenue and profit. 

 Unfortunately, this can open you and your guests up to a number of safety concerns and potential issues. When it comes to safety, proactivity is the name of the game and, with these quick and easy tips, you can ensure that your vacation rental remains safe and theft free. 

Let's dive in. 

The 5 Best Vacation Spots to Visit This Summer

For many people, the desire to travel is at its peak in the summer months. No matter what you're looking for in a vacation, whether it be the beach, mountains, or national parks the U.S. has you covered. Vacation rental properties are everywhere in the US so people have plenty of options.

1.Tucson, Arizona

8 Best Colorado Vacation Spots to Visit this Spring

With temperatures on the rise, wildlife emerging from hibernation, and local businesses gearing up for the busy season, spring is the perfect time to travel around Colorado for an unforgettable weekend or week away. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway with your spouse or an activity-packed trip for the whole family, Colorado has something to offer to everyone and this spring season is gearing up to be one of the best yet!

Biggest Mistakes of Family Vacation

Vacation, for most of us, should be a time to get away from the business of life and spend more time relaxing, trying new things, seeing new places, or meeting new people. When planned well, vacations can leave us feeling refreshed and motivated.

Going on a vacation with the family can be its own kind of adventure.

Deciding Which Vacation Rental is Right for You

Whether you’re planning a fall weekend getaway or a winter holiday vacation, deciding on the right vacation rental is an important part of your vacation planning journey.

We’ve discussed before that a vacation rental home is a great option over booking at a hotel. But there are thousands of vacation rental properties to choose from.

4 East Coast Vacation Getaways for Fall

Ahh... the end of summer is near, which means the fall season is right around the corner.

Visions of roasting marshmallows at a bonfire, having a chili cookoff and viewing fall foliage in the mountains come to mind as the autumn equinox - September 22 - approaches.

Vacation Rental Listings and Highlighted Activity - Golf

So many people live for a summer vacation rental golf getaway. It provides an activity that many couples and families can play together. It is also a great way to sample the local experience while connecting with nature. Why not highlight why the local golf courses that are a must near your vacation rental?

5 Upgrades To Your Vacation Rental That Will Actually Make A Difference

The fixed costs on the P&L sheet of your vacation rental property area known quantity. When it is time to make improvements to your rental property, how can you tell if you are chasing a fad or investing in an amenity that will make a difference to your renters? You need your vacation rental to remain competitive. And you do not want project costs to spiral out of control and eat into your profits.

Increase Your Vacation Rental's Visibility With Facebook Live

You now have your Facebook optimized for your vacation rental. It took a while and it is finally up and running. The photos are spectacular and really show all of the best features of your property. You know Facebook is important to your vacation renters. The empirical data proves it. But why aren't you getting the engagement and leads from your Facebook efforts?